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IncaX Geocast Server is the core technology behind the IncaX product stack. At the heart of the Geocasting system lies technology developed by IncaX for the Office Of Naval Rearch (ONR) Distruptive Business Technologies group.

The IncaX Geocaster platform brings the power of personal geocasting to the enterprise with a rich set of features for situational awareness and executive protection.

  • Start and Stop live video broadcasts remotely.
  • Track multiple devices in real-time
  • Watch Live broadcasts
  • Playback multiple GPS tracks simultaneously
  • Find the last location of all the users in a particular user group
  • Plot the complete track of where a device has been today or historically
  • Set landmarks and proximity alerts.
  • Geofence areas and set-up email and SMS alerts
  • Plus much more...

The IncaX Geocast Server is available in 3 configurations

  • On-premise installation
  • Deploy to any cloud platform
  • A cloud based subscription service managed by IncaX

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